Preston Netball Club

A not-for-profit, community-based sports club on the rise.

The project.

Preston Netball Club is a not-for-profit, community-based sports club in Lancashire. They wanted to grow their digital footprint both online and through social media. As part of the Roarker Project, the goal was to increase brand awareness throughout the community, grow the number of club members and skill transfer.

Preston Netball Club Logo

What we did.

Preston Netball Club is community driven, so we created a digital strategy that would help the club connect to those within a 10-mile radius. We completely redesigned the website, re-wrote all content, implemented an organic social media plan, evolved the club’s design creative and completed several digital marketing training sessions – all completely free of charge. 

The results.

We surpassed all targets and ambitions with our digital strategy; growing the club’s membership base by more than 30%, with online enquiries rising by over 600% year on year. The site now ranks #1 on Google for key localised search terms. 

The club continues to follow the digital strategy and creative guidelines laid out. There are plans for a second phase website refresh in late 2020 to move to a more stable platform.

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